MEDIUM DOG is the work of Patrick Jennings with beastie, Peach, short for Blood Peach, featuring the novellas River GuardBring the WoodMissions Accomplished, short stories MondospeedShow Business, Buried StarchildSeven Plays, Sandy Way, Ghost Bitch, Headbangers Ball, It Comes in Threes, flash fiction Crossbow, Coco Brown, Becky, Beirut Rules, Gifted Hands, Gone to Ground, Powerslave, Speakeasy, vignettes Backhand, King Blood, Zero K in LA, Oral History, Domestic Terror, Power Forward, Overkill, Flatten the Verve, Invoke Magic, correspondence AutoRecovered, Courtney Eldridge, Craftsman, V. for Rachel Kushner, Shitsplaining, Modern Festival, End Run, Dralaboxing, poems Medium Dog, The Moon Door, Broken Buddha, Joan Didion of Arc, Woodland Trail, An Inaugural Year Anniversary Celebration of Social Distancing, String Theory, The United States of Lysol, and a series of novels-in-progressThe Dead State Quartet. Patrick also wrote and produced River Guard for the screen, now available from Indican Pictures and streaming on major video platforms. Bring the Wood is in development as a film as well. Tune into Patrick and Peach here and see more about them in profile from Wide Magazine.