AutoRecovered, Courtney Eldridge

see, court, there was a time when i was younger, before forty, like these literary brothers and sisters of yours, and full of ideas, probably like them, and you, and i would stay up late at night howling at the moon and writing like a house on fire, that was then, court, and look where that got us, ideas, court, so many ideas, such a bad head, see, court, marty is from texas and played football for harvard and thinks he knows a good book from a bad, but he throws his racquet five minutes into every hour as a way of pissing on a tree and trying to show me who is in charge, when deep down, court, he can’t phase me in the least and it drives him crazy, despite the repeated record setting hauls both here and overseas, and so a couple weeks ago i just said to this master of the young adult universe when he was trying to shock me with his amateur mental breakdown and racquet abuse, i said, listen, dude, been swinging a stick since before you were born into this so settle down, but see that doesn’t mean shit to guys like marty, makes them just want to try and shock me all the more, and so when he pushes that button i decide to go hiroshima on a lost soul like this, court, so i tell him this, court, i say you know what, dude, the two smartest guys i ever met died within a couple weeks of each other, both from bad heads, and both who could handle a racquet, let alone a lame shot, a lot better than you, so keep that fucking dunlop i gave you in your hand, and see marty has quieted down a bit since then, but sometimes he still can’t help himself, like the weekends he has a big box office hit, you know one of those guys i’m talking about, court, but you don’t know the other, two sides of the genius coin, light and dark, both bad heads, so have a look around when you have a second, court, if not, you know i’m always happy to send you a shortcut if you can’t find the link on your own, and so now sleep is not so much of an enemy as when i was younger, my head just hits the pillow when it feels like it, court, more or less, when it feels like it’s time to go to sleep, same is true of waking up, since i’m not at war with the moon like i used to be, new or not, and that is all i think i’m going to say about marty, my friend