Invoke Magic

So there I was busy wasting the last year of my life trying to handwrite a book with Muji 2Bs about wasting more than twenty years prior to it making a film about a failed book about a failed relationship between a father and a son surrounding a failed murder case in a small town inspired by the work of the late Sam Shepard and actually involving Sam Shepard attached to play the lead for a time until I produced the film poorly without him after he became friends with my estranged father and cursed the entire exercise through near supernatural circumstances taking place in the small town where said failed murder case occurred too supernatural to get into now and call it The Good Shepard or Dead Shepard or something catchy with Shepard in the title and his celebrity mugshot directly connected to all this for a cover followed by On Life Imitating Art Imitating Life for a subtitle with the big idea being a literary object lesson on learning to cut your losses until I suddenly stopped jerking myself off over all this while watching Magic Johnson walk away from that shitshowtime he helped create in Los Angeles and decided to just leave this failing State and spend the next two decades turning Japanese instead.

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