Lost Not Found

Just to recap, what happened was after a brisk walk around the block on Tuesday to shit the dog once I returned from the tennis courts I walked another 0.4 miles over to the polling place inside an elementary school without her where there was no line and my name was on one list and not another as was discovered by two nice white people with British accents operating a long table with an orange plastic cover over it so I was given a provisional ballot by a nice older black woman sitting behind the same table who told me to slip it back inside a pink envelope and return it to her after it was filled out which I did and then received an I VOTED sticker from the same woman I returned the envelope to which I stuck on my army green insulated Stanley coffee mug that was actually carrying Wuyi Mountain black tea from China instead of coffee and walked home but not before stopping at Wahoo’s Fish Taco where I ordered my usual two mushroom enchiladas combo with black beans green sauce and white rice and accidentally left my mug full of Wuyi Mountain black tea with the I VOTED sticker stuck to it there without realizing it before learning that President Trump is now our next United States President because not enough people in the United States who don’t think he should be did something equally mundane to this the same day.