Modern Festival

To Ty Burrell: You homies still in SLC. If so, how long?

From Ty Burrell: Sadly, we’re wrapping it up. You guys ever up this way around Sundance time?

To Ty Burrell: The online entry form for submitting a feature film to Sundance requires you to identify the “sexual preference” of the director. Ours, as fate would have it, is an ex-cop turned actor/producer/director who just married a real MILF from the looks of it last week in New Orleans, a blessed union to be sure of the nature now legal to all throughout the land. Setting that aside for a second, my producing partner, at once enamored of the question as applied specifically to our former officer at the helm, if horrified and offended by it in general, tried to leave it blank. The festival would not accept the entry without an answer. And we didn’t get in.

Moral of the moral of the story?

Director’s medium.

From Ty Burrell: Ha! I love stories like that. Fuck ’em.

To Ty Burrell: Meet director Jim Klock – The Sundance Kid.

From Ty Burrell:
Super funny.

To Ty Burrell: To die for.