End Run


A Message for Meg Pokrass

December 24 at 11:28 pm
What gives, Meg? I’ve been waiting all night for your prompt, for my twenty words to be free by, and so far nothing, not even a four letter gift from the self-annointed Queen of Flash Fiction like coal. Fair enough, it’s almost Christmas and there’s a war against it going on from what I hear. Let’s not throw another log on that fire. Nothing wrong with taking a night off, resting in peace so to speak. But, listen, there’s still something I WANT TO TELL YOU, and Twas the night off before Christmas seems like as good a night as any. So here goes: I WANT TO TELL YOU, Meg, and all of your 5000 Facebook friends, that I will no longer be supporting O.J. Simpson in the new year. Call me cruel to announce it like this, but there’s never a good time to deliver bad news to those in such need of my help. Maybe leaking it out on a holiday weekend is the best way to bury the story, sort of like what they do in Washington when someone screws everything up so bad they’d just assume cut their losses while no one is watching. Wars are good for that. So the war against Christmas isn’t a total loss. I’m not sure what he’s going to do when he finds out, but I’m done. Sick of it. Zero sum isn’t something I believe in, but there is some truth in the thinking that there’s only so much to go around. So there you have it. O.J. Simpson is officially on his own and I’m free, in twenty words, more or less.