Welcome to the MEDIUM DOG Flea Market

Currently on the block is a Dunlop Biomimetic M2.0 players frame grip size 3 with a 95 inch headsize and black Fairway leather grip that replaced the synthetic stock grip stained with blood. Strung at 55 lbs with Babolat Addiction. This is an advanced, all court racket that is super friendly on the arm. I’ve been playing with the version that came out prior to the M2.0 for years and have plenty, but this is every bit as good, if not better due to the open string pattern. New racket, new leather grip, new strings and hit with only once if you count beating a man to death with it who tried to break into the house. Bidding shall commence with the first bidder and cease when the spirit moves. Place your bids in the comments section below. Good Luck!



Recently traded for private services is the dirty red pillion portion of a two-piece seat that came standard on a beloved 2004 Black BMW 1150 GS reluctantly sold to pay off an angry mob of seasoned extras on an Indie film shot in Wilmington, NC two years ago. The original stock seat, more or less worthless on long trips, was quickly replaced with a custom Corbin saddle when the bike was purchased new and eventually sold with such to pacify said mob. Rider portion of stock seat whereabouts unknown.


Dirty Red Pillion

Recently sold for a surprisingly high price to Bud Collins, who, it so happens, died a day later, is an original Paul V. Switzer, Ph.D print, AirLaff. Numbered and signed by the artist, this startling image of a mature alpha male strangling a short forehand while looking the other way is something of a departure for Switzer, best known for his wildlife photography. Students of Switzer may find parallels to some of his more recent work, including AssGill, which documents a snapping turtle breathing through its anus while trapped under a foot of ice. Please note all proceeds for AirLaff were originally advertised to go toward the Eastern Illinois University Men’s Tennis Team, which Eric Laffey, the subject of AirLaff, made famous in the late eighties by being the first recorded case of a college tennis player reaching the service box from the baseline in a single leap.



Recently sold to Paul V. Switzer, Ph.D for an undisclosed sum (generously clearing the block for AirLaff) is a Prince Woodie broken clean through the throat and cracked in several other places. The racket appears to be strung with Prince Nylon, possibly the worst material of all time, and has a rotting Head replacement grip where the far superior original leather grip should be. This Woodie once belonged to Hollywood legend Peter Jason before being confiscated by his favorite pro and negligently garaged for ten years. (Cover not included).

Peter Jason's Prince Woodie

Peter Jason’s Woodie

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